9 accounts you need to be following for women in tech


Women are underrepresented in digital and tech industries. And both paychecks and attitudes show we’re still some way from gender equality.

This is why it’s both heartening and important to find inspiring role models – and there are many of them out there.

There’s lots of amazing work being done, both by organisations and passionate individuals, to create online and offline communities, where women can get together, network and learn from each other.

If you want to stay abreast of these communities, we’ve made a Twitter list just for you.

1) @Womenintech

Women in Technology recruits women for careers in information technology. And their active Twitter accounts retweets interesting links about gender equality and tech from several other accounts, so it’s a great starting point if you’re just getting into the topic.

2) @Womenshiftdigi

Since gender balances are still skewed in digital careers, WomenShiftDigital encourages women towards pursuing these fields. They also retweet, drawing information about women in tech from many different sources right into your feed.

3) @ggmUK

Geek Girl arrange un-conference style meetups, by and for women who’re looking to be inspired, and build communities. But they also have a strong online community, blogging and tweeting inspiring stories, and have plenty of guest writers writing for them.

4) @genderreport

Gender Report, a project exploring how gender is represented online, also tweets plenty of interesting links about women in media and tech.

5) @Stemettes

Dedicated to showing that ”girls do science too”, Stemettes‘ quirky name comes from the acronym STEM – science, tech, engineering and mathematics.

6) @ladygeek

Sick of the “pink it shrink it” approach with which lazy marketers sell tech products to women? Creative agency Lady Geek is campaigning to end it, and make technology more accessible to women.

7) @KathrynParsons

Kathryn Parsons, the co-founder of coding academy Decoded, works to demystify code and increase our coding literacy. She often tweets about the intersection of tech and entrepreneurship.

8) @BelindaParmar

Belinda Parmar is the CEO of aforementioned Lady Geek and also works with STEM education.

9) @Girlsintech_uk

Girls in Tech arrange monthly events with different high profile speakers. The idea is to empower women by “providing them with more visibility”.

Think we’ve missed anyone important? Tweet us at @ProjectAda_ or @cguibourg!


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