Top reads: Fixing the pipeline problem – and why it isn’t everything

Belinda Parmar from Lady Geek

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Why are women leaving the tech industry in droves?

Computing jobs look set to double in number over the next five years – and the gender gap in the workforce is actually growing. This article from the LA Times explores why qualified women are actually leaving tech jobs, arguing that solving the pipeline problem when women keep quitting the tech industry is a little like “trying to fill a leaking bucket”.

“The pipeline may not improve much unless women can look ahead and see it’s a valuable investment.” (Laura Sherbin, director of research at the Center for Talent Innovation)

Want a creative career? Do the maths and put the tech industry top

Belinda Parmar from Lady Geek

Belinda Parmar (Photo: Flickr/Lady Geek TV)

The tech industry still has a huge image problem with the next generation. Lady Geek’s Belinda Parmar wrote in The Guardian about how girls are looking for creative jobs – and are being told that computer programming is dull.

When a study asked boys to think of words they associated with computers, they came up with “design”, “games” and “video”. The girls? ‘Typing’, ‘maths’ and ‘boredom’.”

The Best Cities for Women in Tech

Smart Asset's ranking of the best tech cities for women.

Smart Asset’s ranking of the best tech cities for women.

Smart Asset has used data from the US 2013 Census to see in what cities women make up the biggest percentage of the tech workforce and where they are best paid. Washington DC comes out top in their ranking, with just over 37% of tech jobs held by women.

(Spoiler alert: Silicon Valley doesn’t exactly impress.)

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