The topics we’re talking about on #womenintech

women in tech word cloud

Mapping the month’s Tweets on #womenintech gives us a great insight into the key issues and concerns for women within the technology industry.

hashtag women in technology word cloud visualisation

Newtech, computing and hackathons are all words which – unsurprisingly – feature often on the hashtag.

@Stemettes has a big presence on the hashtag. It’s a group showing that “science, technology, engineering and maths are for girls”. @Hackbright, a women’s academy for software development, also dominates the hashtag.

Our namesake, Ada, also makes a presence within the #womenintech noise on the Twittersphere.

The following word cloud shows the key words in a Twitter search for the general phrase ‘women in tech’.

women in technology word cloud visualisation

This throws up some potentially more interesting words. First of all is the very timely #Gamergate controversy, which has been generating lots of comments throughout Twitter since August.

Alongside ‘data’, another key word is ‘startup’, showing that there’s a proactive sense of innovation within the community. There is also a key emphasis on ‘work’ and ‘campaigns’, reflecting the amount of activity within the women in tech scene.

A general theme across both word clouds is optimism and enthusiasm. Words such as ‘interesting’, ‘amazing’ and ‘talented’ reflect the positive attitude within the community to create positive social change and technological innovation within the industry.

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